Shutterstock, Inc., a $700M global technology company                                                  

  • Converted an unreliable, disjointed enterprise infrastructure into a leaner, more robust infrastructure that produced 99.999% uptime, eliminating outages costing the company significant lost revenue.
    • Consolidated 3 data centers and 1,692 physical servers into a combination of AWS cloud integration and 2 VM-driven primary/secondary data centers with 150 servers.
  • Built the technical framework to enable the company to scale operations exponentially, migrating customer-facing revenue production systems and other mission-critical applications to the cloud.
  • Created documentation where none existed, providing invaluable resource information for the IT group to make repairs in seconds rather than hours and minimize or eliminate system downtime.


Revlon, Inc., a $2B consumer products manufacturer                                                                 

  • Helped transform Revlon's business by migrating its IT assets from a complex, disintegrated legacy IT environment to a private cloud.
    • ​​Boosted the company's IT capabilities and security levels, improving business agility speed, and increased consumerization, all while slashing the IT budget by $70M in 3 years.
    • Supplied and led a 22-person consulting team to support the existing technology organization.  Team named "Best IT Organization" in KPMG external audit.
    • Helped position Revlon to win the 2013 Cloud Connect Chicago innovation through Cloud in Enterprise (ICE) Awards for pioneering industry-leading cloud and virtualization concepts.
  • Globalized Revlon's technology infrastructure and operational capabilities, redesigning, streamlining, and rationalizing 21 worldwide data centers into a single active directory structure.
    • Virtualized the primary global data center and moved 98% of systems onto a global SAN.  Enabled real-time global and mobile business intelligence, analytics, and big data.
    • Reduced system outages by 99% annually and lowered data center power by 72%.
    • Created a global process enabling deployment of a server or client PC in less then 20 minutes.  Established an average mean time to patch globally of 17 minutes.
    • Optimized cloud resources for IT services, driving a 425% increase in throughput and a 70% reduction in project delivery times (99.6% on-time/in budget project completion).
    • Rolled out a NetApp solution for storage and data management, avoiding $70M in new hardware investment, reducing the physical infrastructure footprint by 50% and cutting energy costs by 72%.
    • Decreased application deployment by 70%, enabling leadership and global business teams to increase shareholder value upwards of $500M.  Stock appreciated 3100% during this time.
  • Overhauled and automated security and compliance globally, including design/deployment of an identity management system--operated compliance to 90% self-reliance for SOX, cutting annual audit fees by $3M.
  • Re-architected backup and disaster recovery systems 9 months before fire destroyed the Venezuelan corporate office and manufacturing plant.  Country operations resumed at 90% capacity 2 hours post-incident.
  • Designed social listening capabilities, integrated into an application for deployment at customer sites, and enabled CMO and sales teams to accelerate product developent and profitability.

Pitney-Bowes, Inc., a $5B manufacturing firm                                                                                        

  • Replaced the company's legacy DNS system.  Engineered and installed the solution (Infoblox) globally to 100,000 supported nodes worldwide--incurring no outages or unforeseen downtime.
  • Assisted in performing IT due diligence for corporate M&A efforts.  Evaluated the systems landscapes and IT assets of targeted entities, identified potential integration/migration barriers, designed remediation solutions, implemented same.
  • Reduced perceived latency and increased remote-office performance with implementation of wide area acceleration appliances (Riverbed Steelhead).
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