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C.S.E Consulting was founded in 1999 by Ed De Simone.  The company offers a full array of networking and IT services, including network design, assistance with component evaluation and procurement, telco and internet services procurement, project planning, project management, staff evaluation, short and long-term staffing, purchasing, process analysis and management, and software systems design, development, implementation, and support.  As a consultancy, C.S.E also assists it's customers by providing specialized pre-packaged "strike teams" able to focus extensive real-world expertise on short term, high visibility, "no room for failure" projects and implementations of specific software environments.


We are an American enterprise with both national and international reach, having served such national and multinational entities as Eldridge Industries, Revlon Consumer Products, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Gracenote and Pitney-Bowes Corporation.  C.S.E has provided pro-bono assistance to non-profit organizations such as the New Jersey Historical Society.  C.S.E personnel have worked in corporate and branch offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Japan, Venezuela, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  However, our emphasis is on helping our customers solve problems, not impressing them with our client list.  Our mutual success stories include many smaller clients, from local hair salons to accounting offices and other smaller retail operations.  We are here to help all of our customers succeed!



Senior Technical Staff Biographies



Ed De Simone


Ed is an Information Technology Consultant specializing in Networking/Infrastructure issues and project implementation.  Ed has an acute focus on "firefighting"​ and "herding the cats"​ - rescuing stagnant/behind-schedule/politically difficult projects, cutting thru corporate red tape to accomplish high-profile tasks.   His unique background includes 25 years in the Automove Dealership Service business, where he worked for "high-line" manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, and others) at the dawn of the customer-satisfaction driven era of dealership service and the increasing importance of J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction surveys.  Extensive customer satisfaction training in turning around an industry reputation gives Ed a unique skillset and point of view on the traditional IT consulting industry, and the IT industry in general.  His specialties include assisting management in evaluating existing IT infrastructure and staff thru fiercely independent "truth telling"​.  Ed is adept in demonstrating and implementing the application and benefits of high-performance IT systems and methodologies; training/inspiring existing staff to adopt same.  He takes great pride in the fact that many of his most successful projects are accomplished through the empowerment of existing employee teams, often changing the existing relationship between management and IT employees in a permanent way and leaving behind a legacy of operational improvement extending far beyond a specific project.  



Stephen Friedman, Ph.D.


Dr. Friedman has been involved in full life-cycle software development for more than 20 years.  He has developed, implemented and supported financial management systems, marketing management systems, in-house corporate education systems, productivity, outcomes tracking systems and sophisticated scheduling systems.  He has developed interfaces between systems and data conversion software to populate new systems.  He has provided services to clients including National Medical Enterprises, William Mercer, Bank of New York, Alltel, Americal Greetings, Kraft General Foods and NYU Dental School.  He recently completed documentation of Revlon's compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley financial requirements and converted 100+ files from a legacy international sales system to SQL Server databases.





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